Targeted Mailing Lists

Targeted Direct Mail Lists

targeted direct mail marketing lists

With Seattle Mailing, you will be teamed up with a direct mail marketing list expert, who will work with you to determine the best target audience for your business. During your consultation, we will provide free analysis reports based on the demographics you select and the areas you choose to target. We will work with you to build a customer profile to match your campaign goals and business.

Our goal is for you to have success with your direct mail marketing projects, and we know the foundation of that is having a great list. Dialing in your list to households whose profile fits your target customers' profile will dramatically increase ROI and response rates. We utilize high quality data sources which allow us to have a high guaranteed deliverable rate.

You have plenty of options with the list you choose including; Consumer, Resident, Business, New Mover, Auto, and more. Depending on your industry and your campaign goals, we will help guide you with the list selection process. Read more about how a targeted direct mail list can increase your ROI.

If you would like to mail to entire zip codes and or carrier routes, then you may want to consider an Every Door Direct Mail project as there will be no list cost since your mailer will go to everyone.


Targeted Mailing List

Targeted Mailing List

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Consumer Mailing Lists

Consumer lists are more expensive per record, and qualify for standard bulk or first class postage rates. These lists can be extremely effective and result in higher response rates, which will help offset the cost.

Free Selects

  • Age
  • Household Income
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Children Present
  • Children Age
  • Home Value
  • Year Home Built
  • Homeownership

Premium Selects

  • Net Worth
  • Education Level
  • Home Heating
  • Credit Card Buying
  • Donor
  • Political Affiliation
  • Many More...

Resident Mailing Lists

Want to send your message or offer to potential customers down the street, or within your immediate neighborhood? Resident lists are a great option to blanket the areas closest to your business and reach customers in a localized area. When you work with one of our direct mail marketing list experts, they will help you determine the best delivery routes to target based on demographic and household profiles. Resident lists qualify for saturation postage rates, which are often $0.06 - $0.10 lower than bulk standard postage.

Free Selects

  • Radius from location
  • Dwelling Type
  • Average Income for Carrier Route
  • Average Home Value for Carrier Route
  • Percentage of Households with Children
  • Average Age for Carrier Route

Premium Selects

  • None

Business Mailing Lists

For B2B companies looking to market their products and services to businesses who will most likely need or use them. Target businesses in a certain area as well as certain selects such as total sales, employee size, SIC codes, and more. 

Free Selects

  • Radius from location
  • SIC Codes
  • Employee Size
  • Reported Sales
  • Location Type

Premium Selects

  • Phone Numbers
  • Executive Contacts