What is Included in Mailing Services?

  • Address cleansing and standardization (CASS) of one mailing list ($25 for each additional list)
  • N.C.O.A (National Change of Address)
  • Pre-sorting
  • Ink-jet setup and addressing
  • Post Office delivery


Should I send my mail “Standard” or “First-Class”?

How you choose to send your mail depends on your delivery needs and your postal budget. Postal rates for “Standard” mail are cheaper, but delivery can take up to two weeks longer. “First-Class” is typically used for customized and personalized mail, such as statements and notices and recipient-specific mail. “Standard” mail is an excellent and economical choice for advertising pieces.

Do I need to have a postal permit to use your services?

No! That’s one of the great advantages of working with us: we handle all relations with the U.S. Postal Service and can send your mail out using our permit.

USPS Requirements

When is tabbing required?

If the piece has multiple pages no tabbing is required on non-letter-sized pieces (over 6 1/8” high or over 11 ” in wide). Self mailers have to be tabbed using two one inch tabs on the top of the mail piece. Self mailers can also have multiple pages (up to 12 total panels: for example 3 sheets of 11×17 paper folded in half and in half again to create a 5.5×8.5 self mailer) as long as they are not bound by saddle stitch or glue. Self mailers can also be of a card stock that has a fold on the leading edge (for example your mail piece can be a total size of 4 inches tall by 17 wide, folded in half to 4×8.5) which would need to have two tabs on the trailing edge (not on the top or bottom of the piece).

Booklets: Booklets will need to have a minimum of three large 1.5 inch tabs placed on the piece. A booklet has multiple pages that are held together with a spine (saddle stitched or glue) Final fold on a booklet HAS to be on the bottom or leading edge). If the spine is on the bottom of the mail piece (when looking at the address panel) you must affix two large tabs on the leading edge, and one on the trailing edge. If spine is on the on the bottom of the mail piece (when looking at the address panel) you must affix two large tabs on the leading edge, and one on the trailing edge. If spine is on the leading edge, you must affix two tabs on the top, and one on the trailing.


Both Self mailers and Booklets may not measure any larger than 6 1/8 tall by 10 1/2 inches wide.

What are the dimensions of a First-Class postcard?

A First-Class postcard varies in size from 3 ” x 5″ at minimum to 4 ” x 6″ maximum and must be printed on at least 9-point stock.


What sizes are available for Every Door Direct Mail projects?

The USPS has the following size requirements for Every Door Direct Mail projects:

Has to fit at least 1 of the following:

  • Must be taller than 6.125 inches and no more than 12 inches tall
  • Must be longer than 10.5 inches and no more than 15 inches long
  • Must be thicker than .25 inches and no more than .75 inches thick

Check out our EDDM Postcard page to see the sizes we offer.

How Much is Postage for EDDM Projects?

There are multiple postage rates for EDDM projects.

EDDM Retail

EDDM Retail uses the USPS permit and requires you deliver your postcards to DDU Postal locations. The postage rate is $0.176 per piece.


EDDM BMEU uses our permit and we can  deliver your postcards to any Postal locations. The postage rates are between $0.154 and $0.206 per piece.


What file formats do you accept for printing?

We recommend sending your artwork files to us in PDF format, although we also accept the following file formats for our printing projects:

  • Publisher
  • PSD
  • INDD
  • AI
  • JPEG
  • PNG

What is a Bleed?

A “Bleed” is extending your artwork past the final trim dimensions so that color and photos go all the way to the edge of your printed material.

Example: If you are printing a 5.5 x 8.5 postcard, you will want to set your artwork up with the size of 5.75 x 8.75

Mailing Lists

What File Type Does My Mailing List Need To Be?

We accept the following file formats:

  • .XLS
  • .CSV
  • .TXT

How Should I Format My Mailing List

Here is a sample of how your mailing list data should be laid out:

First Name Last Name Company Address #1 Address #2 City State Zip
Sample Name ABC Co. 123 Any St. Suite 102 City ST 12345
First Last 456 78th PL SE City ST 12345
Lucy Smith 1004 East St City ST 12345
John Doe 716 S. Clems St City ST 12345