How Direct Mail Repetition Helps Create Successful Marketing Campaigns

direct mail marketing with repetition

Is repetition the key to your direct mail marketing success? After a few quick web searches you will find all sorts of averages or statements about how many times a recipient needs to be exposed to your marketing message before they make a purchase. This all sounds great, but here are a few points to consider direct mail repetition.

Apples to Oranges

First, realize that the “averages” you have read are just that – average. These numbers could be coming from a certain industry that you are not a part of or that your target audience is not a part of. Your customers or specific target audience are interested in what you have to sell, so your statistics most likely will differ from the averages.

You will want to track your campaigns (SMB can help!) and in doing so you will discover patterns between repetition and response rates. These stats will be much more useful to you than everyone elses averages.

Generate your own statistics and trust your own real results.

Don’t stop with Direct Mail

When you hear repetition marketing, you think using the same marketing method over and over until you get a response. Don’t limit yourself to one form of marketing. Mix it up – create a Facebook post that mirrors the message that your postcard has, send out an email blast with the same offer. When a person sees your marketing in multiple forms, it will create a sense of a larger, more capable company. A tightly, incorporated marketing mix is a great strategy and will most likely lead you to greater results.

Coordinate your campaign to maximize visibility across a handful of marketing channels: social, blog, email, TV, direct mail, etc.

Understanding Direct Mail Repetition

When you start out with a multiple drop direct mail campaign, it’s best to understand why this works. Most think that you need to consistently remind customers and prospects of a certain deal, or event; but in reality, direct mail repetition is about building a relationship with your audience.

Reminding your audience of offers or events is definitely a great function of a multiple drop direct mail campaign – but the long term benefits reach beyond a single sale or RSVP to your event. When commiting to direct mail, it is highly recommended to committing to a minimum of monthly or every other month program.

Repetitive marketing means your audience will go to you when they are ready to buy. They have trust in your company, they weren’t ready to make a purchase, and now they are. This is the true power of repetition – you will be there when your customer needs you.

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