Dental Direct Mail Marketing – Best Practices

dental direct mail

Add new patients with dental direct mail marketing

Dental direct mail campaigns are a proven method of growing your practice. When executed correctly, direct mail postcards will deliver a favorable return on your marketing investment.

We are going to go over a real world situation for a successful dental direct mail marketing campaign.

1. Mailing List

Our first step in the process will be to create a targeted mailing list. With our targeted mailing services, we can go a lot further than just people who live near your practice. We can dive into specific demographics or groups of people who would most likely become new patients.

Targeting using specific demographics will maximize your campaign budget as you won’t wast money delivering your message to the wrong people.

We found that direct mail that arrives early in the week (Monday or Tuesday) tend to result in a higher response rate. With our drop shipping capabilities, we will deliver your mail directly to the local BMEU so that we can have more control of the delivery date.

2. Design

The design of your dental direct mail piece is highly important. Make sure your design includes:

  • Effective, clear, and simple design – K.I.S.S = “Keep it simple silly”
  • Call to action – tell the recipients what to do = Call, visit website, bring card in, etc.
  • Contact information – phone number, website, social media.
  • Relevant offer – Free teeth whitening, $xx cleaning, etc.

Including these elements in your design will play a crucial role in the success of your project.

3. Tracking

Tracking your results is a key component of direct mail marketing that gets overlooked the most. When you partner with Seattle Mailing – we will use a tracking phone number, which routes to your main business phone number. Utilizing this tool will allow you to quantify leads that call in after seeing your dental direct mail marketing postcard.

Next Steps

Typically, the most response will come in the first four to six weeks. Make your staff aware of the campaign, and how to handle potential patients that call in. After that first four to six weeks, you should send your mailing again (cleaning any new patients out of the original list).




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