Build Email List with Direct Mail Postcards

build email list with direct mail postcards

We all know the value of having a great email list to easily market to, the hard part is growing your list.

There are many methods of how to grow these lists, we wanted to cover how direct mail marketing help grow your email marketing list.

Campaign Setup

If your goal is to collect email addresses and build an active email marketing campaign, then you need to start the design of your postcard with that in mind. The easiest way to collect email addresses is to drive traffic to your website or a landing page. You will need to include either a sign up form, or pop up asking visitors to enter their info. Keep in mind that you will have more success if you offer something in return for your visitors filling in their information. This could be a download, coupon, or any valuable content that you may have.

Design Process

Nothing will change with what we typically suggest when it comes to your design. Keep your design simple and don’t overdo it! Make sure that your call to action is clear – you want your recipients to go to your website or landing page. It also wouldn’t hurt if your included what you are offering in return for email addresses.

Landing Page

There are many email capturing forms and plugins that you can include on your landing page. Use a traditional web form, or a timed pop up after the visitor has spent a few moments on your page. If your website runs on WordPress there are a handful of plugins you can use to help this process. The great thing with these plugins is they will connect with your email marketing software (MailChimp, GetResponse, etc.) so there is no tedious data entry work for you. Make sure you also remind the visitor of the great free content you are offering in exchange for their email address.


As you know by now, direct mail repetition has shown greater responses then 1 time mailings. Send your postcard a second or third time and make sure there is a decent amount of time in between so your prospects don’t become annoyed. Utilize social media to spread your message and include your link to your landing page and the content you are providing.

Once you have steady growth and a good email list, make sure you are providing value when you email them to prevent from unsubscribes, and increase the chances of your email being forwarded or shared on social networks.

Seattle Mailing can help you with a project like this, from designing and printing your direct mail postcard , or helping with the set up of your email capturing landing page.



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