what is direct mail marketing

What Is Direct Mail Marketing?

What is direct mail marketing and why it’s important to your business. Many people ask “What is direct mail marketing?” and most don’t understand, or think it’s just any mail you get in your mailbox. Direct mail is a form of targeted marketing that allows businesses to target current customers or prospect for new ones based

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Build Email List with Direct Mail Postcards

We all know the value of having a great email list to easily market to, the hard part is growing your list. There are many methods of how to grow these lists, we wanted to cover how direct mail marketing help grow your email marketing list. Campaign Setup If your goal is to collect email addresses

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dental direct mail

Dental Direct Mail Marketing – Best Practices

Add new patients with dental direct mail marketing Dental direct mail campaigns are a proven method of growing your practice. When executed correctly, direct mail postcards will deliver a favorable return on your marketing investment. We are going to go over a real world situation for a successful dental direct mail marketing campaign. 1. Mailing List

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Increase Direct Mail ROI in 8 Simple Steps

    Simple Steps to follow to help increase direct mail ROI Year in and year out direct mail marketing continues to just work for marketers everywhere and in all industries. To ensure that you are getting the most out of your direct mail marketing campaign and budget, we have How to Increase Direct Mail ROI in

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