About Us


Family-Owned and Operated

Founded in 1970, Seattle Mailing Bureau was purchased by long-time employee Donna Richardson in 1994. Direct mail became a Richardson family way of life. From working printing presses and driving trucks to design work and logistics, Donna and family have done it all. They still do.

Seattle Mailing Bureau's beginning was simple - mailings sent in huge quantities. But times changed and so have they. Staying on the cutting edge of printing technologies and mail service know-how, they continue to deliver the highest quality service to clients year after year.

Successfully helping clients turn leads into sales required them to expand. Their original 10-employee staff and 3,000-square-foot facility grew to a 20-employee crew and 40,000-square-foot home.

Over the years, Donna passed the reigns to her son, Chad Richardson, current President of Seattle Mailing Bureau. Chad didn't just watch the company grow. He was part of it and still is. At 10, he began working in the mailroom. Today, he maintains the same successful combination of old school values and new technology.

A true family owned and operated business, Chad's sister Kelli, and his son Kyle bring the same attention to detail and commitment to service as Chad. The Richardson family's dedication to building and maintaining customer relationships has made Seattle Mailing Bureau the largest mailing service in the Puget Sound region.


Personalized Touches

Everyone likes to see their names in print. Gone are the days of "Dear Sir." Personalizing Your message with individually addressed pieces lets customers know they matter.

Target Your Audience

Maximize your reach and improve your return with a focused mail campaign. Smaller mail lists allow you to choose specific recipients demographics such as the stay at home spouse, business professional or high school senior.


Direct Mail gets in your customers' hands. it provides a physical interaction. Want to ramp up your impact? interact with your customers through additional elements. Think stickers, coupons or scratch and sniff.

Measure Return - Increase Profits

Tracking and analyzing results can be as simple as counting coupons redeemed. measuring your success allows you to make adjustments for future mailings and continually increase your profits.

Big Results - Small bucks

Maximize your reach and improve your return with a focused mail campaign.

Why Seattle Mailing?

We Save You Time and Money

Ditch the "back to the drawing board" step by including us early. We'll work with your marketer, designer and printer. Our skill will help you create a print ready mail piece on the first go around - saving you time and money.

Regulation Know How

Postal regulation requirements are mind bending. You could learn them, but do you want to? We know that stuff so you don't have to. Our expertise will help you get your mailing on its way FAST - and at the lowest possible cost.

Rush? We'll work you in

Sometimes you just have get things done last minute. We'll work with your schedule to squeeze you in.

Cutting Edge Technology

You want to reach clients quick, with effectiveness? Our state-of-the-art technology processes your mail FAST, with ACCURACY We're one of few printing companies which utilize a Scitex 300 dpi ink-jet printer. That's industry jargon for a whole lot of printing power at cost-effective prices and lighting speed.

Family Values - Business Professionalism

As a family-owned and operated business, we believe in reliability, service and quality. We say what we do. We do what we say.


Our crew has been together for a long time. We're family - literally and figuratively - complete with office mascot, Lucy. We tell it how it is, laugh frequently and finish jobs quickly. With more than 100 years of combined experience, we know how to get your job done correctly, every time.